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Jumpstarting Your Savings: Things You Should Curb

Building a savings account can sound like the easiest thing in the world! However, it is when you’re about to start it that things don’t actually seem as easy as you may have thought it did. Today, we wanted to discuss with you the things that you should curb when you’re trying to build a good savings.

Lackadaisical Attitudes

One of the biggest hindrances to a savings account is the attitude and the mindset of the person that is trying to build it. A savings account or budget is one which will require steady commitment when you’re about to start it.

If you are thinking of starting one now and then skipping on it later, you’re not going to get anywhere. Money is fluid when in the face of flaky attitudes. If you’re hoping to keep that fluid in your life rather than having it leak into the ground, you need to be firm in your mindset.

Curb any thoughts or feelings that tell you to be laidback about your budget.


Malls and retail establishments tend to study the spending patterns of their clients in order to really maximize their profits. That profit is your savings’ demise. So it would be very important for you to study the patterns too and avoid them.

The sales come with the seasons. Remember this simple truth: if a normal item costs $100 but is on sale for $60 you didn’t save $40 but instead, you spent $60 that could have gone into your savings. The world of advertising and retail are crafty little buggers so you need to watch out for them.

Curb your desire to go into a store simply because there’s a sale going on.

Emotional Buying

Humans are VERY emotional creatures. A lot of our spending is borne out of a desire for something new or to perk us up if we feel down about something. Your emotions can be detrimental to your savings if you are not careful about it.

You need to always be in possession of your general faculties when it comes to your money and what you’re going to spend it on. Try to curb any urges to buy something because you “feel” it’s the right time. Always let logic lead you purchasing decisions rather than your emotions.

Knowing what is detrimental to your savings—and building your savings—is a great big step in actually being successful in sustaining it. After all, you can easily prepare for a speed bump if you know it exists. When it comes to your savings, you should always keep an eagle eye out for any possible dangers. When you keep a (or several) healthy savings, you afford yourself with a more comfortable quality of living.

What do you plan on curbing when it comes to what threatens your savings?

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