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Information is always the friend of anyone who seeks it. In our experience, information is crucial. When you’re trying to beat off debt, get a handle of your finances, or to navigate your way through stocks and investments.

Back then, you needed to really see a financial consultant or try to tap into the stocked knowledge of elders. However, the problem is the fact that information about finances needs to be current and updated. Thankfully today’s sources of information are a lot easier to get to—especially since online sources are so easily available. Here are a few that we check up on now and then:

CNN Money

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If there was a particular resource that was always useful, it would be this link. They have a pretty good track record of providing fresh and updated discussions about money. They not only keep track of the world of personal finance but also the international market.

Business Insider

q2 - Useful Links

If there was a resource that did a good job of discussing personal finances, this would be it. We regularly check back with this one to cross-reference what we know. They have a lot of different categories that are really relevant with personal finances and it’s worth checking out.

We hope that the useful links we’ve provided help you as well. They certainly helped to keep us updated! If you’ve got any useful links that you think others can benefit from, share them with us and we’ll update this page to reflect it!