Bangkok Vacation

nana hotel bangkok's 3rd floor swimming pool

Me and my friends have spent a week-long vacation in Bangkok and we stayed at the Royal Ivory Nana Hotel Bangkok for that whole week. We were very fortunate to know this hotel from the internet before coming to Bangkok. Staying there has been a really fun experience for our whole family. The facilities and amenities were very clean and high-class, the staff were super friendly and very helpful and the food was really great. We especially enjoyed swimming in their swimming pool, because it also gave us an overlooking view of the city of Bangkok. The water was also clean and refreshing. It was very obvious that the pool was well-maintained. Our room was also very beautiful and spacious. The beds were very soft and nicely made. But the best thing about all of this is that it is very cheap.

Another great thing about this Royal Ivory Nana hotel is its location. It is located near the center of Bangkok, which made it very easy for us to travel around and see the different tourist spots. After exploring the city for the whole day, we went to the Nana Plaza for some relaxation and enjoyment. We were shocked to see a lot of bars in just one building and it made it difficult for us to choose where to go, but we still very much enjoyed our evening.

Soi Cowboy 1.5km away from Royal Ivory

We were very much surprised by how alive the whole establishment was even later through the night. I got to say that Bangkok has a very fun and enjoyable night life. It is quite similar to our previous experience in Las Vegas, but smaller in scale and with a lot of Asian twists in it. Of course, me and my friends wanted to see the famous lady boys of Thailand and we found a few of them mixed with the regular go-go dancers.

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